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Biology 4 Kids

Earth Science

USGS Earthquakes for kids

The Topic: Earthquakes from 42Explore

Education Technology Center KSU presents Earthquakes

How Plants and Flowers Grow

Science Lesson Plans

The recent volcanic activity has caused problems with travel and is affecting many lives so let's take a look at the effect of volcanic ash on the weather.

A tutorial on how humidity is expressed.

Information on humidity but also includes links to learning activities.


Science Terms


To learn more about smelting and smelt

Fish of the Great Lakes: Smelt

Amazing pictures and information about fish from National Geographic online

Science Fair Projects and Experiments with fish


The American Mushroom Institute has a wonderful and informative lesson plan to start our investigation of mushrooms.

Another lesson plan from the North American Mycological Association takes more of a hands on approach.

Earth Day
First for inspiration, Nuns dig into Earth Day

How about making a Recycled Craft Plastic Cup Bug Catcher and don't forget to play some Green Games for Kids.

And wrapping this post up lets enjoy some Games, Projects, Coloring Pages, Crafts,Quizzes and Lessons from Kaboose Earth Day 2010


Lasagna Gardening

More on Lasagna Gardens

Potato Bins

More on Potato bins.

Square Foot Gardening


Exploring the North American Deserts and Desert Environments and Geology

Another site geared towards learning about deserts is Desert Biome.