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Teach With Movies

The Totally Free Children's Learning Network

Educational video site LearnersTV

Summer School

Tips for Summer Travel with Homeschoolers

Exploring homeschooling with Summer School Fun

Unschooling Summer

Life Skills

Money Instructor has a series of lessons on Interviewing skills including the types of interviews, interview questions and how to do well on an interview.

Jobsearch at provides additional information on practical interviewing issues including what to wear, what to bring or know before going to an interview and follow up etiquette.

Summer Job Interview Questions covers many of the questions one would expect to be asked on an interview.

Free printable chore charts from Chart Jungle.

I like approaching chores as fun but necessary activities and Right at Home gives several ideas on how to do that. Thanks!

Additional chore chart resources are provided at Econobusters Blog on chore charts.

Naming Your Homeschool

Why name your homeschool? Here are some good reasons from Rosegate Harbour.

Need ideas? At the Homeschool forum there is many suggestions.

Here are more ideas on naming your homeschool from A-Z Homeschooling.

Summer Camps

At Summer Camps you can search for camps by State, Country, topic, length of stay.

My Summer Camp and Kids Camps offer similar search options

For the computer oriented kids, ID Tech Camps appear to offer a wide variety of camps.