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I am not recommending or suggesting the following curriculum as I have no experience with the program, however, I am asking if any of my readers have any experience with this program to please leave a comment or contact me with a review. I think the program sounds interesting and may be helpful for those with children with learning challenges. 3D WiloStar Virtual Homeschooling

Learning Challenges
Homeschool Diner differentiates and explains about Tourettes and OCD and has a nice resource section for both.

The Three Minute Coach offers Procrastination Busters and discusses the reasons we procrastinate.

Deanne Repich from Talent Develop takes a look at the downsides of procrastination and how we procrastinate.

SOLO and Working Smarter offer 5 suggestions for breaking the procrastination habit.

From Dumb Little Man Tips for Life:10 Fail Proof Ideas for Delivering a Powerful Speech

More Tips from Fripp in Giving a Speech? 10 Tips for Public Speaking